Lexel Excellence in IT business solutions

Procurement services

Lexel are leaders in IT procurement, and have sophisticated systems in place to streamline the procurement process for our clients. Procurement works in closely with our Integration centre and our onsite deployment services.

Products and Vendors

Lexel have access to all core IT product sets and are Tier One or Direct with major vendors. Core hardware vendors include: Hewlett Packard (Wintel, UNIX, Storage), IBM (Wintel, UNIX, Storage), Toshiba, Cisco etc. Click here for additional info.


Lexel are specialists in licensing. We provide enterprise licensing for all major vendors including Microsoft (including Select and Enterprise Licensing), Citrix, Computer Associates, Symantec/Veritas, Adobe, etc


We work with all major leasing companies and have enhanced internal systems to easily accommodate billing to both the client directly or to the client assigned lease company, or to its associate companies, yet retain reporting and client process requirements under the single client name.


Lexel has a powerful and advanced ecommerce system. This system is available to all clients who request it, but is not for general public use. The site includes all key products and allows for multiple levels of client logon security and privileges. An example can be where some staff have view access, some have order access, and others have order submission access and some with all access. Client Standard Product lists can be setup to speed and streamline client purchases.
Please request the Lexel "e-Procurement" product brochure for more details and explanations of the facility. Click to logon to e-Procurement

Account Management

Lexel will assign procurement clients with designated Account Manager. This facility offers clients a single point of contact that has knowledge and awareness of that client’s needs and practices. The facility is provided with high availability and quick response to enquiry expectations.

For larger client accounts, the Account Manager will perform a client onsite account review monthly, typically covering:

Sales Support

Lexel provides Sales Support staff to work with the client and their designated Account Managers. Sales Support staff provide an alternative point of contact to ensure high availability and quick response times.

Contracted Cost Plus Open Book Pricing

For run rate business, Lexel commonly works with the medium sized and enterprise clients to agree on a cost plus and open book process for purchasing product. The agreement provides the client certainty on their pricing.

SLA Driven Service

Lexel offers clients a Service Level Agreement (SLA) approach to procurement. Larger contracts will have contract specific SLA terms and conditions, but even medium and small size clients receive SLA driven service.

Standard Price List

Creating and maintaining a client standardized price list and product set is a key facility to minimizing cost and speeding delivery. Buying multiple models of similar product is expensive to purchase and support. By reducing the number and standardizing the products purchased pricing and supply becomes streamlined. Weekly or monthly price lists can be supplied to the client. The client can automatically generate orders from the price list, without the need to request a quote thus saving time and money.

Committed Client Stocking

Lexel can stock client dedicated product for clients. This product is only available for that client. The objective is to ensure that orders placed are delivered quickly, without inherent IT supply chain delays. The facility works hand in hand with the clients preferred product price list. Once the clients purchasing is streamlined into a smaller group of products, stocking and speed of delivery become more efficient. The range and quantity of stock held is dependant upon the clients requirements, and can be scaled up or down accordingly.

Automatic Reporting

Lexel can provide automatic reporting and notifications to the client about the order status to ensure the client is fully informed. This feature allows the client to plan their internal projects more accurately

Consolidated Invoices

Some clients procurement manages require a reduction on the number of invoices they actually receive to save on internal processing costs. Lexel provide a facility to provide a consolidated invoice. Essentially all invoices are consolidated into one invoice per month. Normal invoice details such a Purchase Orders and Client Cost Codes are still preserved and included on the consolidated invoice. As part of Lexel providing a consolidated invoice to the client, the client must also commit to part pay any invoices which may have line items which are in dispute.

Consolidated Product Shipping

Consolidated shipping is where Lexel does not direct ship product from its suppliers to the client, but instead receive and hold the stock at its warehouse. Lexel will only ship the product to the client when the order is fully complete or a shipment day is reached. This facility is of significant benefit for client projects and in simplifying the delivery process for the client. In addition, a standard and consistent packing slip can be enforced compared to vendor direct ships. This service is only available to select clients.

Pre-shipment integration, Image Load, QA testing

Lexel can perform pre-shipment services which speeds and simplifies the client’s implementation of the product. Examples include:

The above services are provided at an additional charge to procurement services.

Please request the Lexel "Procurement Pre-shipment Added Value Services" product brochure for more details and explanations of the facility.

Vendor Negotiations

Lexel leverage on its suppliers or vendors is many times what a client has on its own. We have the awareness and knowledge of what clients get what terms and are often cable to negotiate additional benefits such as additional standing discounts to benefits to clients which they where not previously receiving. As Lexel works with multiple vendors, we are also able to ensure a competitive offering is provided.

Client Seminars

Lexel runs quarterly seminars for IT managers on topics of interest. As much as there is an opportunity to learn about a new product set or technology, these seminars are an opportunity to network with key industry vendors and other IT Managers. These seminars provide an important opportunity to develop relationships that enable the client to benchmark and compare themselves or their experiences against their peers.

Promotional Emails - E-PROMO

Lexel has an email marketing system called E-PROMO that allows Lexel to distribute email promotions and information to clients defined buyers quickly and professionally. Clients can subscribe and unsubscribe as they wish.

Our primary goal is to provide clients snap shots of market ‘Hot Deals’ to enable them to maintain a good benchmark awareness of pricing as well as enable them to take opportunistic advantage of any market promotions.

The E-PROMO email is also used to inform clients of seminar invites as well as any significant news or bulletins.