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Lexel is a Microsoft Gold Communications (Lync) partner, and has a wealth of expertise and capability including; independent consulting, design, implementation and support for Microsoft Lync. This includes 3rd party integration with products such as call centre, meeting room video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, and branch survivability add-ons. Lexel’s Lync capability and value is more than just deploying Lync but also adding the components of the Lync infrastructure foundation as a complete solution.

High Level Overview of Lync Support Available

Public Cloud Support
Lexel has an integrated support model for its Lexel Lync Online Public Cloud. This end user support is typically included within its core product offering. This includes an online self-training and self-help facility, helpdesk and optional onsite trainer service.

Private Lync – End User Support
For those clients with their own private Lync instance, Lexel can provide end user outsourced helpdesk, typically at level one and two. Lexel has a tremendous depth and scale of support capability in Lync and can provide such a service at a lower cost than most companies can do internally.

Private Lync – Escalation Support
For those clients with their own private Lync instance, Lexel can provide escalation support to your own internal IT teams. Lync is a very specialised solution and requires specialised telephony skills and outside of the normal IT infrastructure skillset.  Telephony solutions are normally considered mission critical, so having access to the right team of skilled Lync resources is key for any organisation.

Private Lync – Vendor Escalation
For those clients with their own private Lync instance, Lexel can provide clients access into vendor support for level 4 escalation. This is typically Microsoft support, but can also include other vendors. Microsoft escalation is typically achieved through a Premier support agreement and Lexel can sell this service to the customer or a Lexel engineer can leverage the customers’ existing Premier support agreement in providing this service.

Private Lync – Solution versus Product Support
For those clients with their own private Lync instance, Lexel can provide solution support, this being distinct from product support. Lync solutions are made up of various products from various vendors, and it’s important to have a support capability that can work across all of these parties to resolve issues. Having access to individual vendors support such as MS Premier support alone is not enough. To resolve support issues in a timely manner, support engineers need to have the availability, skills, experience and contacts with ‘all’ parties that make up the Lync solution and this includes: local SIP Truck providers, network providers, end point vendors and Microsoft Lync. Without such support, event resolution times will be extended materially.

Consulting Services

For those clients looking at or who have their own private Lync instance, Lexel can consult on best practice Lync design and implementation.  Although all engagements are customisable, Lexel has the following predefined engagements to streamline a customer’s review and implementation of Lync.

Managed Services

For those customers who want the assurance of a focused and expert team proactively managing and maintaining their Lync solution, Lexel has both Essentials and Elite levels of managed services available. Lexel can leverage its array of highly skilled and experienced Lync staff and tools, alongside its scale to deliver the strongest offering to customers. Whether the customer’s solution is On-premise or Private Cloud, Lexel can provide a managed services solution that provides stronger ROI than typically available as an insourced service.

Application Integration

Custom integration of Lync into your core business applications can provide material benefits in customer efficiency and effectiveness. Not only can it automate regular activities, but it can retain key IP in your business. Lexel offers Lync application integration services for common and custom application.

Training and Rollout

Lexel can offer a full end user training and coaching programme for Lync deployments and is considered a key aspect that drives stronger end user adoption and satisfaction. This can include:

Next Step Engagements on Lync

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