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Microsoft Lync Solutions

Microsoft Lync is the leading unified communications and collaboration solution on the market. Lync includes voice calling, voicemail, presence, instant messaging, video conferencing as well as allowing seamless integration into other Microsoft products. For more on the benefits of Lync, see <here>.

Lexel's Lync Experience

Lexel is a Microsoft Gold Communications (Lync) partner, and has a wealth of expertise and capability including; independent consulting, design, implementation and support for Microsoft Lync. This includes 3rd party integration with products such as call centre, meeting room video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, and branch survivability add-ons. Lexel’s Lync capability and value is more than just deploying Lync but also adding the components of the Lync infrastructure foundation as a complete solution.

Lexel's Differentiator

Lexel has created a dedicated Lync practice and business unit. This focus and commitment to Lync and the greater Lync solution brings massive depth and breadth of skill to Lexel and its customers. Lexel’s launch of the only NZ Lync 2013 Public Cloud solution validates our expertise and commitment to the technology and our commitment to continued scale and growth.  Lexel was also the first partner to deploy Zeacom call centre for Lync globally. For anyone looking for the strongest Lync partner and a partner with passion and commitment to Lync solutions, Lexel is the only choice.

On Premise, Private Cloud or Public Cloud

Lync can be deployed in many ways. Lexel provides Lync as either an On-premise installation, Private Cloud or Public Cloud.

Lexel Lync Online is our own Public Cloud multitenant solution and includes best practice design, implementation, security, and NZ based hosting. It's the ideal PABX replacement for <100 seat organisations and is low cost, scalable on demand, and rapid to deploy. It’s also important to note that unique to Lexel Lync Online, and distinct from Office365 Lync, is the ability to call traditional mobile and landline numbers.

Lexel also provides Lync On-premise or Lync Private Cloud solutions for larger clients who want a fully separate instance, advanced functionality and the ability to leverage their own Microsoft Enterprise Agreement licencing.
Note: When comparing Lync Cloud solutions ensure that you compare the Lync feature sets on offer, as many do not include all Lync features such as Office 365.

Key differences:

  Lync – On Premise Lync – Private Cloud** Lync – Public Cloud

Owned/Managed by




Payment Method

Pay up front (Capex) *

Pay per month (Opex)

Pay per month (Opex)

Features Available

100% of Lync features supported

100% of Lync features supported

99% of Lync features supported

Project Implementation Speed

Complex and slower

Complex and slower

Rapid deployment

Future Upgrades and Features

Separate upgrade projects required

Separate upgrade project required.

New features automatically available

Implementation Risk

Medium project implementation Risk

Lower project implementation Risk

Lower project implementation Risk

Cost of Support

Separate support contract required

Integrated Support

Integrated Support

Resilience and Security

Dependant on customer scope

Best practice security and resilience included

Best practice security and resilience included

* = Lexel can provide Lync On-Premise solutions on an Opex basis, subject to leasing criteria.
** = Lexel can alternatively provide a Lync Private Cloud solution which runs on the clients Private Cloud environment and is then ‘client managed.’

Support and Consulting

Lexel can provide consulting on Lync design and implementation, end user support and IT team escalation support including vendor escalation. Lexel has training services available to ensure your end users gain the benefits of Lync in the shortest time frame. Lexel also offers a full managed services option as well as providing application integration services to enable the customer to integrate Lync into their core applications.  

To see more on our Support, see our Support page <here>

Lync Add-ons

Lexel provides a wide range of complementary add-on products for Microsoft Lync that enables the customer to utilise the maximum value from their Lync solution. Lexel continues to research the market on a continuous basis reviewing and updating our recommend stack of add-on products for Microsoft Lync. To see more on our Lync Add-ons, see our Lync Add-ons page <here>

NEXT STEP – Public Cloud, Lexel Lync Online

For companies considering Lexel Lync Online our Lync Public Cloud solution, please see our Lexel Lync Online page <here> for the next step.

NEXT STEP:  Private Cloud or On-premise

For those medium to larger customers looking at Private Cloud or On-premise Lync, Lexel has the following predefined engagements to streamline a customer’s review and implementation of Lync.

Contact us at: Lyncsolutions@lexel.co.nz