Lexel: The Lync advocates and experts MS Lync


Lexel's Lync focus and capability is available to both clients and partners. The following summarises our partnering options:

Direct Clients:

For those clients which engage with Lexel for our broader offering, Lexel typically engages directly.


Where a party in the market has a client which requires Lexel's specific Lync expertise for an On-Premise install, Lexel is happy to sub contract to that party (or engage directly with rebate) or similar arrangement to mutual benefit.

Lync Whitebox Cloud:

Where a party in the market wants to establish a Lync Public Cloud but doesn’t have its own capability or scale, Lexel has a whitebox offering were Lexel will host and manage the solution while that party brands, sells and bills the end client. This Lync Whitebox Cloud has proven popular with ISPs and small Telcos or any entities which provide shared services to other organisations.

Contact us at: Lyncsolutions@lexel.co.nz