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Lexel Lync Online is a cloud based unified communications and telephony solution. The perfect solution for organisations with 1>100 users requiring the next generation cloud based PABX replacement or to complement Office 365 which does not include calling traditional PSTN phone networks. Think of Lexel Lync Online as your Skype for business and with many added features.

Lync is more than just a phone, it's a fully mobile voice and unified communications solution where your calls and communication functionality connects you anywhere anytime. Resulting in stronger levels of communication and improved user efficiency, but at a level defined and controlled by the user.

Video overview One Page Summary
For a 2 minute overview of Lexel Lync Online, click the video below: To download a Lexel Lync Online one page overview brochure, click the image below:
Online Online

Pricing and Features:

Several versions of the service are available, each offering incrementally more functionality. As a summary:

Basic 1 2

Perfect for the basic phone on a desk, plus instant messaging, presence and peer to peer audio and video calling.

From $30 user/month

Advanced 2

The same as Basic plus voicemail. 

From $38 user/month


The same as Advanced plus multiparty audio or video conferencing.

From $49 user/month

Meeting Room 1

Design for meeting room use, with the ability to audio or video conference to multiple parties.

From $38 user/month

Conference Room TV

Designed for your conference TV or interactive whiteboard TV to connect into the Lync network


Separate Lync Circuits Unlike the majority of our competitors who require separate circuits for Lync and data, Lexel will support single circuits, subject to correct sizing of your circuit.3
Please see our Lexel Lync Circuit Tester as a starting point

1 = No voicemail is included, but may be available via your cell phone service if dual ringing is enabled.
2 = Includes audio or video calling to one party only.
3 = Any work required to help a customer size or reconfigure their circuits is separate and T&M

Most Popular handsets include:

Below are the most popular handsets and end point devices used with LLO. Please note that not all VoIP devices are Lync capable or Lync optimised and you should call to check for compatibility of devices you plan to use.
Please call for volume pricing or other popular Lync devices.

Most popular cost effective headset - USB
Plantronics CM320-M RRP $79+gst

  • Requires a PC to function
  • Ideal low cost solution
  • Plantronics is known for its excellent voice quality and robustness
  • Optimised for Lync

Plantronics CM320-M

Most popular desk phone - USB
Polycom CX300 RRP $206+gst

  • Requires a PC to function
  • Ideal low cost solution
  • Polycom is known for its excellent voice quality
  • Optimised for Lync


Most popular desk phone IP - Basic
Polycom CX500 RRP $242

  • Does NOT require a PC to function
  • Ideal for small meeting rooms or executive office
  • Polycom is known for its excellent voice quality
  • Optimised for Lync


Most popular desk phone IP - Premium
Polycom CX600 RRP $364

  • Does NOT require a PC to function
  • Ideal for small meeting rooms or executive office
  • Polycom is known for its excellent voice quality
  • Optimised for Lync


Most popular Room Video Conference - USB
Logitech CC3000e RRP $975

  • Requires a PC to function
  • Ideal for small meeting rooms
  • Excellent 1080p Video resolution


Lync Client for Smart Phones
$Free, subject to your licensing profile

Available for:

  • Apple IOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Windows Phone
  • Android

Lync client for Smart phones


Why Lync?

Lync is the latest new generation unified communications and telephony solution available. Not only does it provide a full replacement for your traditional PABX, but offers additional features including; full audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, presence, voicemail, PSTN calling and its all available any time from the device of your choice. Lync is firmly integrated with Microsoft Office and provides a seamless experience.

Lexel Lync Online and Office365 integration:

Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful cloud based productivity suite that includes all of the key Office applications including Outlook, Word, and Excel. It even includes Lync, however the Office365 Lync can ‘Only’ call other Lync users, and cannot breakout to traditional PSTN networks for traditional telco voice calls. This is where Lexel Lync Online steps in, as Lexel Lync Online includes full Lync functionality including the ability to break out and call traditional PSTN phone numbers. Lexel Lync Online is completely integrated into the Office365 interface providing a seamless solution.

Skype Integration

Skype is Microsoft’s cloud telephony solution for home users, and Lync is Microsoft’s cloud telephony and unified communications solution for business. With a feature called federation, Lync and Skype users and call each other and also leverage features such as presence (publishing your availability status).

Save money with Lync:

Click image to enlarge

Lexel Lync Online enables users to save money - that simple. With Lexel Lync Online any calls to other Lync users, whether that be at a handset, desktop or a mobile phone (with Lync client installed), the call is free3. In addition, the Lexel toll rate charges are much lower than typically available to small or medium business.

ROI calculations show that Lexel Lync Online can be less costly to run per month when compared to the purchase of a typical on-premise PABX/VoIP solution over a 3 year period. Please ask for our small to medium business PABX to Lync Online Calculator for more detail.

Once customers begin to engage the full power and functionality of Lexel Lync Online, they benefit from additional savings. By leveraging video conferencing, instant messaging and presence, desktop sharing, higher productivity levels are a direct result. Less travel is a typical direct outcome, yet communication is maintained or even improved through Lync desktop interaction tools and use of high definition video which displays important communication body language.

3 = Calls use data and the assumption is that you have a fixed price data plan available


Helpdesk troubleshooting support is included for free with Lexel Lync Online.
For those companies looking at the bigger picture, Lexel can also offer a full ‘Cloud Support’ model. With everything moving to the cloud, who do you call for support? The simple answer is Lexel. Our 24x7 helpdesk4 provides end users or IT administrators a single place to call across the suite of software that make up your cloud based IT solution. No matter what delivers the data, we can support it. One call, one stop shop for just ‘make it work’. Customers can choose from Essentials or Elite levels of service.

4 = 24/7 Contracted customers only

Training services:

To get the most out of your IT solutions, end user training is critical. A new product induction training programme allows end users to come up to speed FAST, and allows immediate productivity gains as much as improving staff goodwill.

Pre-install checklist:

Lync is a comprehensive product and it relies on well designed and well configured networks and environments. Sizing and correct configuration of your networks, particularly your internet link is critical to the success of any Lync implementation. As part of the induction process for any customer Lexel performs the following steps:

 5 = Onsite training is a chargeable upgrade and highly recommended.

How to Start:

It’s really simple, simply email or call us today, and we'll start the process.

Free 30 day trial, call 09 4141 777 or email Lynconline@lexel.co.nz to subscribe.

What our clients say:

Propertex, Jo Clark says:
"We like the approach where we didnít have to buy our own onsite voice system and could rent one out of the cloud freeing up our capital for our core business. We pay via a single monthly fee for the phone system and then billed monthly for the calls made which are also at some of the best rates we've seen."

Software of Excellence, Deane Alderman says:
"Lync is so flexible; each area of the business seems to have found a 'got to have feature' that has changed the way people work."

Sales FAQ:

Q. What type of handset phone do I get?
A. You can pick from a softphone (headset with your PC), a desk phone, a software client which sits on your smartphone, or multiple. The choice is yours, prices varies.

Q. Do I pay for Lync to Lync calls?
A. No. If the call goes between a Lync and Lync client, even to your cell phone (Mobile Lync client required), you consume network data not telco call charges. Any calls to traditional PSTN phone numbers incur call charges and which we’ll charge you for on a monthly basis.
Q. What sort of internet circuit do I need?
A. We have a very comprehensive matrix on what circuits are needed which will be applied during our pre-install check. In general you need 1MB on bandwidth per active user for audio calling. For smaller companies that means ADSL or VDSL. Medium to bigger clients might need larger circuits or dedicated voice circuits. It's also recommended to have your IT Technical person use our Lync Circuit Tester to check your network's Lync readiness

Q. Can I cancel all of my existing PSTN phone lines and save that money?
A. Some customers need to leave one analogue line for legacy fax and alarm dial out purposes, but other than that all existing PSTN phone lines can be cancelled, saving you $$. Alternatively if you have a modern 3G enabled alarm or one which is IP connected, and use a fax to email service, you can cancel all of your existing analogue or BRI/PRI telco circuits.

Q. How resilient is your service?
A. Our cloud and datacentre technology is built for 99.99% up time. We have dual infrastructure with a failover design for maximum uptime.  Outages can still occur, but it’s rare and unusual.

Q. Can you arrange it all as a turnkey service?
A. Yes. We can arrange everything from internet connections, to onsite installation, to training.
Q. Are there any add-on options?
A. Yes, allot! Besides for the selected level of Lexel Lync Online that you choose, and also the handset(s) that you choose, you can also purchase: Virtual receptionist kiosks, additional local or international DDI’s (for in country ‘in and out’ calling), Call Centre –Lite reporting, TV Statistics Dashboards, Conference room equipment, Voice recording, Paging and night bell solutions and more.

Q. How does Lync improve my mobility?
A. With or without a smart cell phone, calls can dual ring. In essence both the desk phone and the cell phone ring simultaneously. The users can pick up whichever phone is most convenient too them, or even transfer the call to another device at any time during a call. If the user has a Lync client installed on their smart cell phone, the cell call is a free as it consumes cell data only and importantly it display the original callers ID (unlike traditional forwarding).

Q. If Lync enables me to make free calls to my cell phone by using the data plan or Wifi, how much does that consume?
A. The usage will vary but as an indication it will use 0.75MB per minute of talk time.

Q. How long does it take to commission the service?
A. The delivery process is actually very quick and a matter of hours not days. What can take time is the customer induction process where we ensure your network is up to standard, any client side training or client software installs are performed and the porting of your existing phone numbers which can take 10 working days.  As a general guideline only we recommend you budget on a working week from end to end.