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Microsoft Lync Add-ons

Lexel provides a wide range of complementary add-on products for Microsoft Lync that enables the customer to utilise the maximum value from their Lync solution. Although some of these add-ons provide solutions to niche areas, many provide generic benefits to all organisations that result in lowering cost or improving productivity.  Lexel continues to research the market on a continuous basis reviewing and updating our recommend stack of add-on products for Microsoft Lync.
Key add-on products include:

As a guideline only, please also see the Microsoft certified list of providers and products <here>

Call Centre – Lite

Microsoft Lync has introduced an array of telephony features into the core product (previously only available with 3rd party call centre applications) including advanced call routing and queuing. As a result, many clients are no longer required to purchase a 3rd party call centre application to provide this functionality. However, an area still not fully covered by Microsoft Lync is live dashboards and advanced reporting. Lexel has a solution and its very affordable, ‘Call Centre – Lite’ dashboard and reporting software, particularly focused for clients that run smaller call centres or have requirements around high volume customer response or reporting.

Call Center Call Center


Call CenterCall Centre – Advanced

For those customers that have larger call centres or extensive and complex needs for call queuing and routing, Zeacom provides a comprehensive and proven solution. Zeacom is a leader in migrating its call centre application to Lync and has a proven solution in this space.

Voice GatewaysVoice Gateways and Branch Survivability

For customers using traditional voice circuits or in process of migrating to SIP trunks, voice gateways provide the required interface between the telco circuits and Lync. The same range of products can also provide a solution to customers looking for a high availability (HA) branch survivability solution.

Video Conference for meeting and board rooms

Microsoft Lync provides powerful video conferencing functionality, and this can translate to reduced staff travel and higher staff productivity. To maximise the benefits of video conferencing, key meeting rooms can be upgraded to high definition cameras, displays, audio, and automated login allowing ease of use and impressive levels of detail. All systems leverage Lync’s core architecture and can allow users calling in from multiple locations using multiple devices, to interact together. Whether they are calling in from a board room, desktop PC or even mobile client, all users can interact together using the full functionality of Lync. For a demonstration of Lync video conferencing click <here>

Interactive Whiteboards for Meeting and Board Rooms

As an upgrade or alternative to core video conference TV’s, there is interactive whiteboard TV’s. The whiteboard TV allows you to display video images or shared desktops. With shared desktops you can draw upon the TV as if it was a whiteboard and this is shared with all users. For a demonstration of interactive whiteboard conferencing click <here>.

Video Conference Video Conference

End User Phones and Devices

Lexel provides an array of tested and approved Lync end user phones or devices. Although there is a large selection available on the market, as some brands or models have inherent drawbacks we recommend you call Lexel prior to purchasing to check suitability. For a demonstration click <here>


sipSIP Trunks, Local and International

To extract the most value from your MS Lync solution, SIP trunks offer cost savings, high availability, and true least cost routing for inbound and outbound calling. SIP trunks replace your traditional telco provided voice circuits and can be purchased for any location, allowing call-in and call-out from remote locations enabling a localised caller ID and billing even though the solution is centralised. SIP trunks also sidestep local telcos, and generally provide much lower call costs than available with traditional telco voice circuits.

KiosksLync Kiosks and Virtual Receptionists

Virtual Receptionists avoids the ‘phone on a desk’ (cost cutting) first impression and enables visitors to self-service, including full video and audio interaction directly with their meeting contact. Lync Virtual receptions are the next step beyond the current range of attended or unattended reception kiosks. They also provide a soft benefit of encouraging and accelerating the cultural acceptance of video conferencing throughout an organisation. However the solutions can do much more, and can include extended workflow functionality to provide business automation solutions. This can include basic workflow such as signing NDA’s or OSH declarations, or advanced workflow for a full self-service solution. Not only do they look professional, but they can save money and provide rapid ROI.

Typical uses include: Receptionist overflow or replacement, consolidation/multiplexing of multisite receptionists back to a single location, enhancing physical security in a typical unlock door request, telemedicine, hospitality etc

The solution also includes full reporting which shows details of who visited what site and includes the recording of visitor photos and alike captured data.

Lync Monitoring and Management Tools

Microsoft Lync is a powerful solution, but it is dependent and relies upon the underlying infrastructure that carries the traffic. Even the smallest of misconfiguration or incorrect sizing can result in a reduction in quality or worse. Proactive monitoring of the performance and simulating end user experiences is a key aspect of any best practice Lync implementation.

For clients that wish to manage their own Lync environment Lexel has a proven suite of tools, methodologies and scripts that are available for clients to leverage and maximise the Lync solution. As an example for clients that are sensitive to call costs, Lexel has a management tool that enables the allocation of call cost budgets to users. Once thresholds are approached or beached, actions including alerting or capping are actioned.

monitoring monitoring


recordingLync Call Recordings

Microsoft Lync provides call recording under limited scenarios. Where a client needs to record calls more broadly, an external solution is required. Call recording solutions are available at a personal desktop level, or at an enterprise system level and policy driven.


pagingLync Paging and Night Bell

For clients looking for a Lync night bell or paging solution, Lexel has a multi-zone commercial audio amplifier solution to complement Lync. The solution comes in difference sizes and allows multiple input sources, as well as multiple output zones. Advanced options include room wall plates with volume controls in each zone, wall plates for localised audio input, as well as integration with iPad etc control.

Microsoft SurfaceHubMicrosoft SurfaceHub

Similar to other interactive whiteboards including those powered by the MS Room System, Microsoft have their own meeting room solution called SurfaceHub.

SurfaceHub is the latest generation of meeting room interactive displays available in either a 55 or 84 display size. It is a Windows 10 device with a full multi touch screen, with touch interaction just like a Surface Tablet. It's important to note that the SurfaceHub multi touch functionality is a significant improvement over legacy interactive whiteboard technology. The SurfaceHub has two built-in cameras, a powerful built-in microphone and built-in apps for video conferencing, white boarding and more.

Microsoft Office (including Skype for Business / Lync) is embedded into the SurfaceHub to enable full virtual meetings with the ability for remote users to interact seamlessly with other users on the SurfaceHub including co-editing of Office documents and white boarding.

The SurfaceHub is also a platform for which you can develop or deploy your own custom apps onto.

See here for a demo video.