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Lexel has been chosen as one of only five HP Platinum partner resellers in NZ. This means as our client you benefit from Lexel's choice of sourcing HP product from either the HP distributors for local stock OR purchasing on your behalf directly from HP – only Platinum partners have this privilege of going direct and it offers you tangible benefits appreciated by many of our clients.

Read on to find out what gives Lexel the leading edge and how we manage to save you money as well as time and hassles or if you want to discover why Lexel are leaders in both HP procurement, and technical services, then call us for a no obligation chat today.


How does Lexel excel in HP product procurement?

As a Lexel client you receive;


Save time, money and hassles with Lexel's unique procurement approach

Want us to add some value to your procurement? Whereas all of our competitors are using a 'transactional' approach to procurement services, Lexel has developed a unique 'added value' approach that's proven popular with our clients and here's why;

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Lexel are leaders in HP technical services

Lexel is one of only a handful of HP ServiceOne partners in NZ. Lexel can offer you;

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